Incense Burner For Bakhoor Oud Incense Sticks & Cones | Luxury Craft Design (Gold)

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Incense Burner For Bakhoor Oud Incense Sticks & Cones

Colour: Gold

Width Top: 16.9 cm

Width Bottom:10.8 cm

Height:27.5 cm

  • SAFE TO USE: Safely use these Charcoal incense holders with the lid to make sure flame is contained.
  • REMOVABLE LID: Easy to remove lid allows ample access to tend to your incense bakhoor & frankincense.
  • DURABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION. Does not break easily compared to ceramic bakhoor burner.
  • EXQUISITE FRANKINCENSE BURNER: Intricate craft design with Decorative Gems in Flower Motif.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: A beautiful Oud Burner gift for all occasion. An elegant decor for your home or office.

Description: This 27.5 cm tall luxury Crescent Incense Burner is designed with filigran cross pattern & decorative gems in Intricate flower motif which makes it a beautiful addition to your decor.

Use Charcoal (purchased separately) to burn your favourite incense. Just place hot charcoal and incense on to removable perforated tray to burn.

Suitable as Bakhoor Burner, Incense Burners, Frankincense Granules Burner, Oudh Burner, Resin Burner, Incense Stick Holder , Incense Cones Burner or for traditional Japanese and Chinese remedies.

A beautiful luxurious incense holder gift for any special occasion for your loved ones or as an addition decorative piece to your home, place to pray or office.

Note, it can be used with or without the lid.