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Incense Burner Charcoal Bakhoor Burner Frankincense Resin Height 7 Inches Ceramic

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Delicate Ceramic Incense Burner with Shimmering Crescent Moons & Stars Design by Attar Mist

Top Width & Depth : 10 cm
Base Width & Depth: 8 cm
Height: 17.8 cm


CLASSIC DESIGN: Delicate Incense Burner with sparkle shimmer hand finish of crescent moons & stars

USE ANYWHERE: Perfect charcoal incense bakhoor burner to use in Home, Office, Meditation room, for Yoga or in Hotel

MULTI-USAGE: Can be used as incense holders, frankincense burner, oud burner & resin burner

SAFE TO USE: Easy to remove lid allows ample access to tend to your charcoal burners for incense & oud

UNIQUE GIFT: Beautiful gift for all occasion, makes a perfect decorative piece when not in use

Attar Mist Crescent bakhoor burners are elegantly designed with multiple sparkly glitter effects which makes it a beautiful addition to your decor. It will add a touch of class to your Home, Office, Study room, Living room, Bedroom, Meditation & Pray room, for Yoga, Hotel, Library or anywhere else you like.

Use Charcoal (purchased separately) to burn your favourite bakhoor incense. Place lighted charcoal on top of the removable perforated tray and wait for it to get hot. Then carefully add incense on top of the burning charcoal to enjoy. The easy to remove lid of this bakhoor incense burner not only makes sure that the flame is contained but also allows ample access to tend to your bakhoor charcoal, frankincense incense and bakhoor oud. Use it with the lid to let the fragrant smoke perfume your hair or clothes. The stars shaped crafted holes in the lid give a magical effect when fragrance smoke trails out of them. Great design, stability and functionality of this incense burner will surely amaze you. Our customer say this incense burner looks even better in real life.

Suitable as Bakhoor Burner, Incense Burners, Frankincense Granules Burner, Oudh Burner, Resin Burner, Incense Cones Burner or for traditional Japanese and Chinese remedies. 
A beautiful luxurious incense holder gift for any special occasion for your loved ones or as an addition decorative piece to your home, place to pray or office. 

Note, it can be used with or without the lid