Incense Burner - Charcoal Bakhoor Burner Frankincense Resin - 25cm Tall Luxury Hand Painted Globe

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Incense Burner, Charcoal Bakhoor Burner - Luxury Globe Design by AM

Attar Mist luxury Globe incense burner is an exquisite incense charcoal bakhoor burner which adds a touch of class and elegance to your Home, Office, Study room, Living room, Bedroom, Meditation room, Yoga room, Hotel, Library and more. This luxury Globe bakhoor burner has an intricate hand painted design in gold and silver patterns which makes it a beautiful addition to your decor. Each piece is beautifully crafted, hand painted and hand polished. This luxury oud burner will surely delight you and your guests.

Use Charcoal (sold separately) to burn your favourite incense frankincense resin. Our luxury burners are made with a special resin blend to make sure they can withstand high burning temperatures. The bakhoor incense burner comes with a free set of tongs which is specially designed to handle hot charcoal and for adding more incense.
The easy to remove lid not only makes sure that the flame is contained but also allows ample access to tend to your bakhoor charcoal, frankincense incense and oud incense. The enchanting holes in the lid give a magical effect when fragrance smoke trails out of them. Great design, stability and functionality of this burner will surely amaze you. Our customer say this incense burner looks even better in real life.

This luxury Arabian bakhoor burner is suitable for any Incense, Resin, Frankincense, Bakhoor or traditional Japanese and Chinese remedies. You can gift AM bakhoor incense burners to your loved ones on any occasion like Birthday gift, Ramadan gift, Eid gift, Christmas gift, Mothers day gift, Fathers day gift, Friendship day gift and as a Leaving gift for colleagues and friends. You can also use this luxury middle eastern inscence as a church Censer Burner and meditation bowl. Oud Arabian Bakhour بخور العود is the best incienso quemador available in the market/bazaar.

Length: 4.5"
Width: 4.5"
Height: 9.84"