Bakhoor Enab Agarwood Incense By A Asghar Ali

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Bakhoor Enab 40gm by A Asghar Ali of Bahrain

EAN 1253170060087


Fresh Woody notes make this a spiritually appealing incense, brought to you from AsgharAli of Bahrain 

  • Top Note:Bakhoor
  • Heart Note:Cedarwood
  • Base Note:Woody, Bakhoor

Compressed powder incense, use with your favourite Mubkhara (incense burner).

Packaged in an Arabian motif packaging and wrapped in an aluminium foil to preserve freshness. Open the packaging to reveal nine cubes of compressed powder.

How to use?
Break a small piece of powder and sprinkle over a charcoal or electric incence burner, enjoy fresh woody fragrance