Arabian Bakhoor Burner – Premium Arabian Charcoal Bakhoor Burner. Frankincense Burner

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Arabian charcoal bakhoor burners are traditional way of burning bukhoor, oudh and bakhhor incense.

  • Bakhoor oud burner can also be used as frankincense burner and resin burner.
  • Arabian oud bakhoor can be used in the form of wood, resin, stick, shaving or even powder.
  • Just place hot coal and incense on to removable perforated tray to burn.
  • Oudh burner is designed specifically to move around safely while burning.
  • Bakhoor burner is constructed with durable metal and does not break easily compared to ceramic burners.
  • A beautiful luxurious gift for any special occasion and for your loved ones or as an addition decorative piece to your home.

 This metallic superior quality Arabian oud bakhoor burner is designed specifically for burning your favourite Oud Bakhoor Incense Resin Frankincense or traditional Japanese and Chinese remedies.

With a Palm tree on each face of the burner it gives an air of an oasis in an eastern desert and similarly Rose face ones give the enchanting look of a beautiful garden. 

The Agarwood charcoal burner comes with a removable perforated tray that allows ash to fall through and collect in its base dish. 

Once charcoal and bukhoor have been exhausted and cooled down, the perforated tray maybe removed from bakhoor stand and ash can be tipped out to be discarded in a safe way. 

Please note that the perforated tray should not be touched while in use as it will get hot. It should be used under adult supervision away from the reach of children and pets. It should also be kept well away from lose hanging curtains or any other material that may get burned or catch fire if in too close proximity.

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