Alf Lail - One Thousand Nights

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Alf Lail  - 1000 Nights

Al Lail is a unisex oriental Alcohol Free perfume with woody notes. 

With a medly of woody notes this perfume starts with fresh woody and spicy saffron notes culminating into an enchanting floral and fruity fragrance. The longer you wear it, the more it surprises you with it's top, middle and bottom notes. 

Top notes: Oriental, fresh, woody (cambodia nagarmotha), slightly spicy (saffron), woody (cedarwood)

Middle notes: Oriental, woody (sandalwood like, patchouli, cedarwood), slight flowery (orris), musky, ambery

Base notes: warm, oriental, musky, ambery, mossy, leathery, fruity

Volume available in 3ml, 6ml and 12ml

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