About Us

The mistiness of Attar Mist has been around from many years. The ancient art of making Attar has always been captivating with products that not only smell great but look good as well. Your experience begins with attractive bottle and culminates in an exquisite smell which envelopes you for a long time.

Attar Mist is a family business and have been vending at community events before establishing an online presence. AttarMist.com was launched in summer 2012 to cater for our USA customers who couldn’t reach us via these events and it has been an extreme success. In March 2013 we proudly launched our AttarMist.co.uk branch across the Atlantic in London UK to cater for Europe’s as well as rest of the world’s customers.

We specialize in AttarsArabian Perfumesessential oils, fragrance oils and incense. We aim to provide combination of the best & most popular as well as classical & traditional products from around the world. We are constantly seeking and creating new fragrance products and only launch them if they meet the criteria of our high standards. If there is any item which you require but don’t see it on our stores then please get in touch and we would happily source it out for you.

We are strong believers of providing quality, be it with the selection of fragrances which we have chosen or the online shopping experience which we provide; we take pride in all our services and aim to provide the best.

 Attar Mist is a great place for gifts and treats. Our fragrances and fancy bottles are sure to please the ones close to you. With our selection, you can't go wrong.

Attar Mist Ltd.